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Limited edition prints available for sale:

Limited edition prints available for sale:
 Limited edition  of pastel DAR by Hassan Takashi.
A series of photographs showcasing the cross section of urban street life in historical Swahili coastal towns of Stone Town, Zanzibar and Dar Es Salaam, documenting its populous street culture and our architectural heritage.
A title inspired by the pastel tones of the buildings photographed by Hassan himself in his travels. His debut solo exhibition, #pastelDAR symbolizes the muted scenes that stand out anyway, displaying an intimate and a very local perspective of a place most people don’t properly notice.
Hassan's work celebrates the true essence of the Swahili towns, an array of a romance of romance - "it has some kind of unique beauty. It is like finding new hidden shades of color" he says.
An exploration and social documentary of the Swahili coast, using photography as a means of identifying people within social hierarchies and as a means of accommodating a shifting social dynamics in contrast to the rapid expansion and development in Tanzania.